There are different ways to get to and from Quad City International Airport. You must carefully review the options and find the one, which suits your budget, as well, as time.

Taxis at MLI

Another way to get to the city from Quad City Internation Airport is to take a Taxi. There are around five companies, serving passengers on the grounds of the airport; some of them are Uber and Lyft. To avoid a long waiting time, you must plan, respectively.

Public Transportation at MLI

If a passenger prefers public transportation, he/she must keep in mind that service is not available on holidays. The Quad City International Airport is accessible via METRO on Route 20 Blue. This bus halts in front of the terminal across from door 6, twice an hour. It is working from Monday to Friday, between 6:10 a.m.-6:10 p.m.

Ground Transportation - Shuttlesat MLI

Another transit option to get to the Quad City International Airport is to use ground transportation. There are more than five companies that offer you this service. However, one must keep in mind that some of them, such as Airport Express/Express Limousine Services, work only for appointment.