Quad City International Airport serves on one terminal. This area is located between the thresholds of Runway 23 and Runway 13, in the North Central part of the airfield. Worth to mention, that more than fourteen years, Crawford, Murphy, and Tilly (C.M.T.) have given planning, design, environmental, and program management services for the Quad City International Airport (MLI).

The 61,000ft2 terminal building was built in 1985. It consists of one main terminal building with two concourses A and B. Remember, that the terminal also has a connector hallway, where there is security screening equipment, worth noting, two security checkpoints are placed in the main terminal.

Concourse A has six gates, of which four are supplied with jet bridges for service of turboprop and regional jet aircraft. This area has seating for approximately 120 people. Concourse B includes six gates, which provide jet bridges to assist mainline narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. In this area, about 370 people can find a seat.

The northwest section of the Quad City International Airport consists of board passenger services and administrative offices of Airport Administration Authority and Transport Security Administration (T.S.A.). In contrast, the south-east section of the terminal includes deplaning passenger services. Civil Air Patrol (C.A.P.) / the U.S. Customs Building is placed at the east of the terminal building.

The luggage claim area is inside the terminal, and it has two rotating conveyors and a public seating place. Worth to note, that there is even an art gallery to spend time in case of delay and view art. Furthermore, there is a gift shop, where you can find a proper gift for someone and a restaurant, where you can opt for healthy food and pack your salads before or after the flight.