As one of the busiest airports in Chicago, it has to focus on security procedures to ensure excellent customer service. As travelers get there, they have to check the terms and the rules, which are an inevitable part of this airport, as well as other domestic or international airports. Disobedience of those rules is not acceptable.

T.S.A. Security at MLI

To get on time to flight, whether it is domestic or international, travelers are recommended by T.S.A. Metal detector body scanner is going to check the traveler, who must remove all metal-made owning and after he/she puts them in a special bin, to be checked, he/she can move on. T.S.A. officers will have the opportunity to review those items and make a decision.

Legal Identification at MLI

When a passenger is moving within the country, he/she can show just a driver's license or state-issued I.D. and move on. In contrast, international flight passengers must carry a passport at the boarding gates, the ticket counters or security checkpoints. This is the way how they must prove that they have valid identification. The passenger must be sure that she/he has all the documents very close.

Security Checkpoints at MLI

Quad City International Airport focuses on the safety of passengers, and two security checkpoints can be found in the primary terminal of this airport.

Departure terminals

Quad City International Airport terminal area is located between Runway 23 and Runway 13. It includes one main terminal building with two concourses A and B. Concourse A has seating for approximately 120 people, while Concourse B offers seating for around 370 people. The terminal consists of areas with a gift shop, a restaurant, and there are restrooms and even an art gallery.