Security Procedures at MLI

The passengers, who arrive at Quad City International Airport, domestic or international, are responsible for doing T.S.A. security screening if they want to come to the United States. Every passenger must be alarmed, that security producers can take a long time, because of the weather, for instance, even flight delay can happen. Due to this, she/he must plan their trip accordingly and use their time sufficiently.

As for the security procedures, passengers must go through a body scanner, their already checked-in baggage will be checked once again, and they will be scanned elsewhere. A passenger must do everything that is asked by Customs and Border Protection agents to make them sure that he/she has a legal status.

As it was mentioned above, the Quad City International Airport has one terminal, which has a connector hallway, there is security screening equipment between the building and the restricted concourses. Worth to note, that two security checkpoints are placed in the main terminal.

Customs and Border Protection at MLI

When a traveler comes to the United States, they have to be checked by additional screening, which will be done by Customs and Border Protection agents, who will have the power to demand furthermore checking if it is necessary. Every passenger must bear in mind that having a U.S. visa does not give them a guarantee that they will be accepted in the United States. To have permission for entry, passengers must get candid and answer those questions. Only then after the passenger will pass those checkpoints; they can claim their luggage and go ahead for exit or meeting points.