Airport Services

Business Center “Destination Points” at MLI

Concourse B is the location of the destination points business center since March 2019. When you are inside the business center, you have access to cable T.V., comfortable seating, free coffee, and bottled water. Per the trip, you can take one bottle of water per person.

Conference Room at MLI

An open lobby area, as well as a conference room, is located on the west end of the terminal, which can be rented for business meetings, but you must reserve it. To book it, call 309-764-9621, extension 7.

Emergencies at MLI

To announce an emergency, call911or the Public Safety Department at(309) 757-1513. Airport Public Safety Officers are responsible for serving you while calling Public Safety Dispatch at (309) 757-1739for non-emergency services.

Other services at MLI

There are two A.T.M.s, One across from Gift Shop near shoe shine, and another one across from Coffee Bar/ Deli past security. There are currency exchange booths, charging stations, which are located in concourse B, past the CNBC store. Wireless internet access is available throughout the airport.